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Industrial Advisory Board of the Faculty of Computer Science at the University “Ukshin Hoti” – Prizren

Members from associations, businesses or other institutions (with the right to vote):

  • Diogjen Elshani (Company “Gjirafa”), chairman;
  • Drilon Kastrati (Company “Gjirafa”), member;
  • Simon Floeth (Head of Digital Transformation Center (ITP), Prizren), member;
  • Alper Yildirim (Telcomm Company), member;
  • Lamir Shkurti (Telcomm Company), member;
  • Alketa Fazliu (Asseco See Company), member;
  • Agim Morina (Best Vision Company), member;
  • Syzana Kostanica (INKOS Institute), member;
  • Jakup Tahiraj (INKOS Institute), member;
  • Majlinda Bahtijari (Municipality of Prizren), member,
  • Jeta Qollpani (jCoders RKS), member;
  • Marigona Sylaj (jCoders RKS), member;
  • Lulzim Guhelli (Ex-Cite), member;
  • Enis Qafëleshi (Makerspace); member;
  • Valon Ibrahimi (Student in the FCS), member

IAB members without the right to vote / ex – officio:

  • Dean of the FCS,
  • Vice Dean of the FCS,
  • M. Sc. Arbnore Shehu, Secretary of the FCS