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Faculty of Computer Science

The Faculty of Computer Science is one of the scientific teaching units of the University. Through its study programs, the Faculty of Computer Science provides guidance and prepares students for industry-based careers. During the studies students are covered with all the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge. This enables students to create large and small projects in any company at home or abroad, as well as pursuing master studies.

The objectives of the Faculty of Computer Science are: o provide students with a solid background in basic programming theory and concepts as well as Software and Engineering Systems, Database and Information Systems as well as Web Applications, Network Design, Security, Distributed Systems, Telecommunications and Mechatronics To prepare students for industry or even further studies for a master’s degree.To promote a new approach to studies in collaboration and partnership with the best international institutions in the field.To exchange experiences internationally and always keep up with developments in the aforementioned areas. The Faculty of Computer Science has been operating since 2010. It consists of two departments at the Bachelor level: Information Technology and TelecommunicationsSoftware Design The Faculty of Computer Science offers the first Bachelor degree programs but also the Master degree programs in “Computer Science”. Both departments of the Faculty of Computer Science have been operating for five years, where the necessary experience has been created by providing capable professors, building the relevant curriculum, selecting the best contemporary literature in order to successfully accredit the program at the levels Master. Duration and volume (semesters, ECTS, semester hours) In the Bachelor program, studies are completed after 6 semesters, with the student completing at least 180 credits converted into a 4500-hour workload to qualify for the Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science (BSc). In the Master’s program, studies are completed after 4 semesters. Study form, structure and duration The basic module of study is the semester module (course), with ECTS credits according to the curriculum. The number of credits is achieved by completing the modules according to the University regulation. Study plan The study plan has been approved by the Council of the Faculty of Computer Science. According to this plan, the student earns the Bachelor of Computer Science degree in ITT or SD after completing 180 ECTS credits. The amount of credits is foreseen by the Curriculum (see curriculum).