The Faculty of Computer Science organized a workshop on the topic: “Digitalization of business processes through web applications and game development”

As part of the commitment to sustainable links with industry, the University “Ukshin Hoti” Prizren, has begun holding workshops with businesses, institutions and community organizations. The university offers this as assistance to the community through the transfer of knowledge. In this regard, a one-day workshop was held on Wednesday on the topic: “Digitalization of business processes through web applications and game development.” This workshop is the result of cooperation with the Industrial Advisory Board of the Faculty of Computer Science. This workshop was attended by companies from this field, academic staff and students of this faculty. Through the presentations of the penitentiaries and the development of the interactive debate, they had the opportunity to teach all parties, both industry members and students selected from professors ‘presentations as well as professors and students from industry members’ presentations, and even student concept presentations. aroused the curiosity of the other two parties. It was a multi-dimensional benefit. As a result of the workshop the students received offers from the companies present for the opportunity to collaborate in the development of their concepts demonstrated in the workshop.

The opening of the workshop was done by u.d. Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science Prof. Ass. Dr. Zirije Hasani. She stressed that they as an academic unit are interested in transferring knowledge outside the academic environment, and that in this context they are committed to bringing together industry and academia. Meanwhile, the moderation of the workshop was done by the assistant of this faculty, Arta Misini.

At the end of the workshop, u.d. Dean Hasani distributed the certificates of participation in the workshop to the participants. Presenters in this workshop were: Endrit Fetahu (from the Faculty of Computer Science) – Game development (elaboration of a topic / project); Selim Maloku (from the company “Zonda Creative Studio”) – Game development (elaboration of a theme / project); Besnik Nurshaba – Game development (practical demonstration) I; Nedim Faiku – Development of games (practical demonstration) II; Prof. Assoc. Dr. Ercan Canhasi (from the Faculty of Computer Science) – “Chess Game”; Prof. Assoc. Dr. Ercan Canhasi (from the Faculty of Computer Science) and a representative from the company “Gjirafa – Digitalization of business / organization processes through web applications; Ilir Perolli (winner of first place in Bootcamp three days, project “Open ICT Education for Youth Employability”) – Practical demonstration of a Web application I; Altina Rexha and Dafina Elshani (winners of the first place in the competition “Hackathon”, project “ICT for Kosovo’s Growth”) – Practical demonstration of a web application II.